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  • Coir Mattress


    Ten Years Warranty

    An Eco friendly natural mattress No chemical , no synthetic. Best option for medium weight people

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  • orthopedic mattress

    Ecopedic Ortho Mattress


    Ten Years Warranty

    Made of 100% natural latex, the sap of the rubber tree is known as Latex. Natural latex foam is the highly durable cushioning material available in the world. No chemical, no toxic effect on the environment. Best mattress for spine.

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  • Hybrid Latex Mattress


    Ten Years Warranty

    Designed to avoid back pain and virtually eliminate back stiffness. The unique design of the open -cell natural structure of natural latex and the pinhole patterns created during
    manufacturing result in superior air flow and ventilation unlike other materials that store heat, natural latex remains temperature -neutral while you sleep.

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  • Memory Foam Mattress


    Ten Years Warranty

    HR Foam + Memory Foam

    Best choice for medium or light weight people.

    Originally developed by NASA researchers in the1960s to improve the cushioning on aircrafts , memory foam has become most popular material you can find in high end mattresses. Memory foam gives your body a unique level of support which help to align your spine correctly.

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  • latex mattress

    Natural Latex Mattress


    100% Natural Latex Mattress.   Best orthopedic compliance mattress. Best mattress for  kids. Beat mattress for allergy suffers. No chemical used in our Dunlop process .  Ten years guarantee and we assured 20 Years life .

    Our one side soft and other side hard mattress is a perfectly healthy choice since it is safe even for suffers of back pain, asthma or those who are sensitive to synthetics.   Natural latex is resistant to mold, dust-mites and mildew which makes it safe for both adults and   kids.


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